DIY Wedding: Simple Ideas for homemade wedding decoration

DIY Wedding decoration: Ideas for Inspiration A very special wedding it should be a truly wonderful and not off the shelf? No problem, manage, for example, with the choice of a suitable location. However, the wedding decoration should not be 8.15! How about, for example with custom printed cups or a noble Glitter Feather garland? […]

Unique Camo Wedding Band for Her

Thinks about wedding rings ? In the following text you will find general information about camo wedding band for your wedding. Every woman will definitely crave for a very beautiful wedding band, a nice comfortable to wear, not too expensive and durable one. These principles are used in selecting a nice wedding band. There is […]

Color Black Wedding Bands for Men

Wedding bands today are a billion dollar sentiment of love, but no one can really say for sure when this age old tradition actually started some believe that the oldest recorded exchange of the wedding bands came from the ancient Egypt about 4800 years ago. It is worn on the base of the right or […]

Cheap wedding ideas for a fairytale wedding on a budget

The average wedding costs over $ 25,000. Is this a cost that you and your family can afford? If so, you’re lucky. If you’re like most of us, $ 25,000 for a wedding is more than you can afford. That means cheap wedding ideas to accompany our wedding budget for economic planning. Even on a […]

Phrases that you should never utter during wedding planning

Phrases that you should never utter during wedding planning – Have noted the engagement? Wonderfully! Are you ready for the wedding? Perfect! Do you know what the phrase should not hear your partner in preparing for this important event? How not? Quickly read the text below! 1. I do not care about flowers, food, music, […]

How to save money on buying wedding shoes

This article is for those who are too picky about buying wedding shoes – who does not like the typical models that are in all the boutiques and immediately sold out; no one wants to spend the wedding budget in vain and to overpay for expensive brand. Of course, a good pair of shoes is […]

Ideas for an autumn wedding, ceremony on Halloween

Certainly, many still have time to plan a wedding this month. Our urgent issue is dedicated to those brave and mischievous, who appointed his great date of October 31, that is, on Halloween. These bright, naughty and a little crazy accessories for you! 1. Bright bouquet and orange palette Arrangement of tulips, physics, roses and […]

Do I need a wedding decoration at my special day?

Once aptly Bernard Shaw, “follow the fashion is ridiculous, not follow – stupid!” because the decor at the wedding – definitely the fashion trend. All of us who found himself on the phone Instagram, anyway practiced shooting a subject almost daily, someone pulls shoot culinary delights, someone – new shoes. What we are guided – […]

Best variants of wedding bouquets with peonies

Peony truly considered the king of wedding flowers. Here presenting your attention the Best options of wedding bouquets with peonies. History Since ancient times was considered the peony flower of love and loyalty which is probably why the pion – a frequent hero weddings. This is symbolism of the pion – a prosperity, wealth and […]

Ideas for Your Wedding Dress

Wedding dress idea – You’ve decided to state “I do” by the relaxed and tranquil waters with the deep blue marine with the sundown an experience to your wedding ceremony… Great idea! Yet, this stylish marriage location calls for painstaking planning. The attire is but one among these products you have to pay specific attention […]